Modern small office and home office users look for innovative ways of doing business to overcome the challenges of managing multiple technologies and devices, connectivity with remote offices, telephony costs and advance productivity tools.
SoHi Kit is a single box solution offering business-class IP telephony, workplace mobility and without PBX etc. Resulting in converged voice and data service, reduced operational costs and enhanced collaboration with customers and partners across the world.



SoHi vs traditional PBX solution:
  1. spanthe system is good scalability, mobile convenience
  2. Saving the purchase of switches and other costs
  3. Saving wiring labor costs, saving wire costs
  4. Saving the traditional high cost of PBX
  5. the system maintenance is simple, Saving the cost of professional full-time maintenance personnel
  6. the system troubleshooting is simple
  7. the system easier to monitor management, more secure
  8. SoHi solution is easier to provide value-added services
  9. SoHi solution provide more, richer features
  10. SoHi solution is easy to manage business address book


  • Basic call features

    Incoming call

    Outgoing call

    Call between extensions

    Conference call

    Call forward

    Call transfer

    Call hold

    Call wait

    Call mute

  • Advanced call features

    Video monitoring

    Audio player

    Calendar with alert

    Voice recording

    Key-phone features (max 16 extensions)

    Wi-Fi intercom

    Medium message and clock task

    Meeting organizing and alert

  • Meeting schedule and alert

    Users could set up meeting/task calendar, and receipt

    Extension will get SMS and alert; ringing alert will be

    Applied while meeting/task start

  • Installation

    Wireless Installation

    Auto-diagram and bug fixed system

    Configure backup & recovery in Cloud

    Encrypt & save configure on cloud server

    Sync configure files from cloud server

    Auto-configure handsets

    Sync extensions and phonebook

    To handsets automatically

    Cloud update system

    FoTA service

    Self-group networkings

  • Cloud support

    FOTA - in case any new firmware with new features available

    Push information will deliver to unit and in case approved by users

    Unit upgrade automatically

    Crash log report

    While ensure complete privacy protection, unit

    Will report crash log and fix unit automatically

    In case need, user could submit configure request online, then

    Auto-provision files will be finished and set up Kit automatically

  • Service

    Crash log cloud service

    Online submit system

    Push Messages & APP

    Email / FAX/Telephone


    Integrate skype service

    Speed dial

    Do-not-disturb (DND)



    Call back


    Dial plan

  • Configure files backup in cloud and recovery
    While configure done, there is prompt to remind user:

    If desired to upload and store configure files to internet with encryption

    If YES, user could recovery system in case needed

    This option is also available in working state

  • Conference call

    D385IW can manage 3 lines and set up 4-party

    Conference call, whatever the number is extension or WAN

  • Skype support

    Either registering skype account in host/ D385IW, or any

    Other extension handset/D168IW, skype call can make easilys

  • Call history

    Speed dial

    Do-not-disturb (DND)



    Call back


    Dial plan

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