The hospital wireless paging and call system is a set of scheduling communication system based on the wireless network, it can maximize the ability of WiFi network. It can fully integrate existing mobile phones, fixed telephone, wifi intercom and clinical call system. Medical staff wearing special hands-free equipment or the patient accessing by mobile phone can be found within 0.5 seconds and connected, and to ensure accurate information is passed to the team member.
The hospital wireless paging and call system can greatly simplify the internal communication between doctors, nurses and patients, reduce the communication links, improve decision-making speed and speed up the flow of information between people - equipment - system", so as to achieve the overall improvement of medical care Level, reduce the number of care workers, to ease the contradiction between doctors and patients. Has been fully proved safety and normative.


  • Smart indoor bike Hardware and software upgrade
    Smart indoor bike Hardware and software upgrade
    Help you develop a smart fitness product within 7 days, with stable, cost-efficient, smooth, and reliable cloud services.

    One-stop smart equipment upgrade and fast build cloud services

    Fitness data measurement and detailed analysis

    Users and fitness devices management in real-time

    Racing events operation and maintenance

    Offer customized development

  • Quikly build your equipment rentals system like“sharing economy”
    Provide standards for rental operators business applications, such as user authentication, rental reservation, self-service fitness, convenient payment, event organizing, exercise prescription, fitness social operations.

    Fast built, mobile office

    Smart hosting service

    Users and fitness devices management in real-time

    Countless workout and contents

    Cloud payment and billing flexible setting

    Quikly build your equipment rentals system like“sharing economy”
  • Big data marketing and CRM management
    Big data marketing and CRM management
    Connecting Coaches, Equipment, and Users with an interoperability Data Operating Platform, provides Integrated Marketing and Operations.

    High concurrent processing capacity, distributed architecture

    Excellent data analysis services and computing resources by introducing a variety of algorithms and models, Offer data mining in-depth integration

    Precision marketing + Customer Ralationship management to enhance the value of life cycle



Seamless connectivity

Cyleg sensor is compatible with almost all kinds of indoor bikes, You can connect to all popular apps and devices with Bluetooth Smart or ANT+.

Enhance your equipment

Turn your equipment into the ultimate workout experience and provides unlimited potential for entertaining exercise.

Unlimited workout

Bluetooth connectivity app, compatible with a variety of cycling fitness software (Zwift, Strava, etc.), support virtual reality, 3d games, real-time competition, personalized fat reduction ,muscle training.

Real-time interaction

Auto-Resistance Control, gather and analyze data from BLE/ ANT+ connected devices, visual interactions, real-time feedbacks, personalized workout guidance.

Accurate watt and calories

Combines cutting edge innovations with precision power data and analysis,Cyleg is the first steel crank power meter for indoor cycling all over the world. Accurately measuring your force and cadence in millisecond. Provides you with live guidance for effective cycling in real-time.

Intelligent resistance adjustment

Cyleg can adjust the resistance intelligently based on the needs of training courses, riding scenarios, simulation: stretching, sprint, climbing, roads, downhill and other sections . You can enjoy different passion indoor.