Integrated Scheduling cloud Platform (ISCP) is a set of complete multimedia control Platform, including video server, Scheduling server, GIS server, data storage and analysis server , multimedia message server and a variety of other servers.
ISCP provides voice, images, video, data and other rich multimedia services, greatly improving the control of the intelligent and level of automation.


Intelligent meter reading
  • Enterprise communication

    Mobile office

    Information pushing

    Mobile duty

    IP Centrex

  • Emergency dispatch

    Video Return

    Call location

    Communication scheduling

    Broadcast message

  • IOT application

    ntelligent meter reading

    Industrial control

    Environmental monitoring

    Health examination

Basic service platform
commun-ication services
Scheduling IP Centrex Video Multimedia messag GIS/Location service
Data services
Data distribution Big data analysis
System service
Monitor Configation Log management
Nerwork service





Intelligent water meter
  • Acquisition terminal

  • Barcode Wristband

  • Scanner

  • PC

  • Cyleg

  • Camera

  • RFID

  • Wireless Access Point

  • Phone

  • ntelligent water meter

  • Sensor device



IM (instant messaging)

Text, pictures, voice, video clips, emoticon, files

Chat, group chat

Offline message

Delayed messages to single-user and group users

Message confirmation

Voice communication

VoIP-based real-time voice calls, free from operator and network restrictions

one-to-one voice communications, voice intercom, voice conference

A wealth of additional communications services, support for monitoring (real-time monitoring, recording playback, recording query)

Video communication

HD video

Video conferencing

Video Surveillance

Video playback

Video distribution

Video formats: qcif, cif, vga, 4cif, 720p, 1080p etc


User status:online, offline, voice calls, video calls (can be customized)

Address book

Support customized address book

Real-time changes and notification

GIS and location information

Integrating Google Map

location of information reporting, real-time track and historical track

location-based voice call, video call, IM

Communication scheduling

Group call, call interception, late to join call, call transfer and other functions

Big data processing

Big data storage and analysis, data visualization

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