The hospital wireless paging and call system is a set of scheduling communication system based on the wireless network, it can maximize the ability of WiFi network. It can fully integrate existing mobile phones, fixed telephone, wifi intercom and clinical call system. Medical staff wearing special hands-free equipment or the patient accessing by mobile phone can be found within 0.5 seconds and connected, and to ensure accurate information is passed to the team member.
The hospital wireless paging and call system can greatly simplify the internal communication between doctors, nurses and patients, reduce the communication links, improve decision-making speed and speed up the flow of information between people - equipment - system", so as to achieve the overall improvement of medical care Level, reduce the number of care workers, to ease the contradiction between doctors and patients. Has been fully proved safety and normative.


  • 1、Improve work efficiency
    Increase emergency throughput

    In an emergency situation, the system can instantly connect the nursing team members and related medical staff to improve the efficiency of collaboration and the number of emergency patient reception, and ultimately help save lives.

    Improve operating room utilizations

    The efficiency of the operating room directly affects the number of operations per unit of time, while the relatively closed environment has brought obstacles to efficient communication, and the communication efficiency must be greatly improved.

    Work without phones

    The system can provide wireless call means both to protect the necessary communication, but also put an end to the drawbacks of the use of mobile phones.

    Optimize bed placement

    Can allow patients to be tracking throughout the delivery process, increase patient throughput, improve the operability and satisfaction, so that doctors and patients have more effective communication.

    Improve work efficiency
  • Improve communication experience
    2、Improve communication experience
    Alarm priority

    The system allows the care team to know the level and urgency of the alarm without reaching the site, assigning priority and responding to certain alarms and reminders. Thus saving valuable time and reducing the fatigue caused by alarm fatigue.

    Real - time communication requirements for care

    Meet and exceed the state on the hospital care, pension care and other standards in response to the requirements of the communication system.

    Improve Call mode

    The system supports calls with the name or position of the person, without having to know the phone number or even the specific name, using voice messages, secure text and voice calls and other means to avoid possible human interference.

  • 3、Improve patient satisfaction
    To ensure patient safety

    The system will play a vital role in it, in the right place and the right time, using the right equipment to deliver the right information to the right people and reduce medical errors.

    Improve the clinical response to patient needs

    The system collects clinical information in multiple ways and analyzes these data,This can help care teams to make important decisions quickly and respond more quickly to the needs of the patient.

    Humanized medical services

    By the system, you can achieve anytime, anywhere collaborative management, optimize the management quality, improve management efficiency, and promote continuous improvement.

    Improve patient satisfaction
  • Expand market share
    4、Expand market share

    The system improves the communication efficiency and establishes the trust relationship between the doctor and the patient. By improving the efficiency of the workflow, doctors, nurses, and caregivers can spend more time on the bedside or with patients outside the hospital.



  • Single call, group call, broadcast intercom call, priority call

  • Emergency call

  • Voice dialing

  • Multimedia message

  • one key call, event reminder

  • Warning or hint

  • Voice reading

  • Hands-free design

  • User behavior statistics

  • User priority classification

  • Connect with wired telephone (optional)

  • Connection with mobile phone (optional)

  • Encrypted communication

  • Location information query (network support required)

  • Voice command

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