A mature leasing system, a power saving smart lock, a normative operating system. An adventurous bicycle sharing system on the Internet applicable to all kinds of scenes, supporting function customization and operating by professional team.

SaaS platform

Fully open SaaS platform maximized sharing. It can be widely applicable to all kinds of scenes including scenic spots, special towns, beautiful villages, schools and other rental ecology.

  • 1.Real-time vehicle management

  • 2.Geographical fence management

  • 3.User data at a glance

  • 4.Clearly Financial management

  • 5.Self-marketing activities

  • User APP

    • 1.Precise positioning, easy finding
    • 2.Scan code unlock, let’s go
    • 3.Ride your bike, on your way
    • 4.End your ride, lock and checkout
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