IoT Cloud is an open cloud platform constructed by Object Identifier registration center. It aims at providing services to IoT applications and industrial solutions,such as simple mass connection, cloud storage, message distribution, big data analysis and so on. It can reduce R & D, operation and maintenance costs of IoT enterprises and individuals so that they can pay more attention to the application.Finally, build an IoT ecosystem with IoT Cloud as the center.
IoT Cloud helps developers get quickly connection from device to server. It can  build a variety of IoT applications efficiently, such as data acquisition, device monitoring, device remote control, etc.IoT Cloud solves the problem of establishing a secure two-way connection between an intelligent device and server. It communicates through MQTT protocol and implements the IoT projects quickly. IoT Cloud mainly implements the following functions:
1. Safe and stable mass message transmission between devices and cloud
2. Device authentication, rights management, safe data transmission
3. Support multi-language development, compatible with mainstream hardware devices


  • Platform architecture diagram

    As a medium for intelligent device and management control applications, IoT Cloud provides core capabilities of middle layer to upstream and downstream applications. The basic architecture of IoT Cloud is shown in the following figure.

  • Application Scenario

    IoT Cloud can be used in intelligent hardware, smart home, car networking and industrial manufacturing and so on. Provide a complete solution to industries related to IoT.


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