We'll transform your fitness stats into meaningful, personalized instructions, With smart Sensor and built-in Bluetooth, Cyleg can accurately measure your cycling intensity and calories burned real-time, It will Help you achieve your fitness goals by accurately track your activities and guide you with visual feedback.

Cloud Services

All-in-one club indoor cycling classes management and marketing services

  • Online Booking

    Manage your indoor cycling workout and schedule online, Fill your schedule faster by giving your members the freedom to book visits when they’re ready.

    Customer Relationship

    Powerful built-in CRM web apps that helps you manage prospects and clients,tailored loyalty program for your clients.

  • Raise more money

    24 Hour Fitness for everyone, you can charge your clients for every time.


    Run promotions, encourage members to visit more often, and turn first-timers into regulars with customizable tools.

User APP

Cyleg coach is obsessed with creating the ultimate indoor cycling experience

  • Virtual roads workout

    Structured Virtual roads split into different sections that control your device resistance(virtual slope) up or down, and pace tips allowing us to hit maximum intensity in each working block.

  • Real-time motion monitors

    Connected sensors monitoring takes motivation and energy output to the next level, burning serious calories.

  • Mobile private coaching

    Provide recommend cadence guide, test your Functional Threshold Power and other coaching tips based on your personal workout and riding data in real-time.

  • Immersive scenic videos and musics

    To leave reality behind and become fully immersed in animation cyncing your movement to achieve a better workout.

  • Tailored workout including HIIT

    Provide Tailored workouts Depending on their level of experience and ability, we also have HIIT trainning that help you get fit and lose bodyfat fast.

  • Online competition and rankings

    Stay motivated with top instructors and online friends giving you real-time metrics and encouragement.

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