ISCS Client multimedia dispatching software is professional with audio and video dispatch, which greatly improves the ease and convenience of dispatching operation. The visualization scheduling interface makes the dispatched user's status more clearly. The one-click-call and video scheduling provide users a very efficient scheduling operations. The variety of configuration resources improves the use of flexibility and enrich scheduling means.

ISCS-Client PC

Professional quality of the graphical interface to support customize function button.
A variety of co Command dispatching software is built with function of graphical staff management, duty communication scheduling, visual video scheduling, audio conference scheduling, group broadcast scheduling, data scheduling, TV wall and other multimedia scheduling. With flexible selection of functional modules it can meet different positions of multimedia scheduling business needs.

  • 1. Software features

    mmunication methods such as audio, video, short message, picture can be combined. Simple, direct and instructions effectively reachable.

    One-key call the mobile terminal live video. Understand the site dynamics in real-time

    Real-time positioning of mobile terminal location. Support GIS map history track playback

    Powerful scheduling function, full control of communication resources

    Advanced audio and video processing technology, effective control of bandwidth. Provide high-quality audio and video quality

  • 2. Main functions
    Voice scheduling

    Single call

    group call




    Force insert call

    Force separate call

    Call transfer

    Call recording

    Video scheduling

    Video Surveillance

    Video distribution

    Video on the wall

    Video batch recording

    Video batch snapshot

    Video round robin

    Video extension

    Video image location interchange

    GIS-based scheduling

    Map loading, moving, stretching

    User location display

    User tracking

    Click to call user directly on GIS map

    and view the video

    Circle meeting

    Circle broadcast

    GIS member list

    Province, city, district inquiries

    Support Google map(online/offline)

    Other scheduling functions

    Hotline support

    Group message

    Global recording



    Warning hints

    Emergency call

    General configuration

    Change password

    Interface scheme

    Member management

    Audio settings

    Coding settings

    Function key group: set the voice, video, GIS display scheduling function button whether displayed on the scheduling interface

    Service configuration

    Message notification settings

    Talking settings

    Video round robin business configuration

    Hotline configuration

    Meeting room access settings

    Video recording server

    Video upload settings

  • 3. System Requirements

    Win7 / Win10

    CPU: 2.0GHz or higher

    Memory: 4G or higher

    Display resolution: 1280 * 720,1440 * 960


This product is a safe, stable operation multimedia terminal software running in Android or iOS platform. It supports SIP protocol, presents 1080P format video clearly. It can seamless access to integrated scheduling cloud platform through Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G and other networks.

  • 1. Features

    Equipment independence, decoupling hardware and software, expansion of terminal types

    Network compatibility, support 2G / 3G, Wi-Fi, LTE public network and other networks

    Video support H.264 protocol, resolution support 1080P, 720P, D1, CIF. Provide a clear video experience

    Support G.711A, G.711U audio standard. Support echo cancellation, automatic gain control, noise suppression algorithm. Provide a good audio experience

    Support RTP, RTCP protocol. Ensure the quality of streaming media services

    Friendly interface, simple operation

  • 2. Main functions
    Personal / Business address book
    Voice call
    Voice meeting
    HD Video Call
    Video meeting
    Multimedia message (text / picture / small video / location / business card / red envelope, etc.)
    Monitor return / Video forwarding User status present / GIS map / Position report
  • 3. System requirements

    Android4.4 or higher,iOS9.0 or higher

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