The cloud scheduling platform follows the hierarchical block architecture of separation between NGN and control service, also between bearer and access layer. ISCS can provide new extended services quickly in the business application layer.
Therefore, concentrate to centralize management of services and dispatch communication service integrating with other system such as video, conference, monitoring system, thus to achieve integration of voice services, video surveillance, video conferencing and other video services. On this basis, ISCS can implement multi-service linkage, such as audio and video scheduling, voice / video / message / position information linkage scheduling and so on.


Platform cloud deployment, business cloud processing

The core platform deployed on the cloud, communication service processed on the cloud, resource shared on the whole network, user status shared on the whole network. Making business more abundant, more secure and more reliable.

Micro service architecture

Platform with micro service architecture has good scalability and rapid deployment to guarantee the reliability of the service effectively. Cloud scheduling platform server exchange data through the IP network in real-time to ensure that the business migration, scheduling users and scheduling commanders of the original data, business, the use of consistency.
It can improve the system's high stability and achieve fault processing transparently.

Unified communication

Cloud scheduling platform can be integrated with traditional PSTN telephone system and traditional SIP scheduling system to achieve unified scheduling and joint communications.
Cloud scheduling platform can be integrated with video surveillance system. It can achieve viewing the video surveillance screen and control camera PTZ in the dispatch platform, and achieve audio and video linkage.
Cloud scheduling platform can be integrated with a variety of Internet communication cloud to achieve message exchange.

Data cloud storage

Cloud scheduling system based on the cloud scheduling platform and high-speed packet data network, can integrate independent storage nodes on the network effectively to achieve cloud storage of recording, video, call records, pictures and other documents.
Therefore, solve the massive information storage and management issues, fully protect the effective use of the entire network storage space and file security. It can provide an important means and basis to find the responsibility of the accident and the quality of supervision.

Rich multimedia scheduling function

Cloud scheduling system provide customers with a practical visual command and scheduling functions, such as voice call, conference, broadcast, intercom call, video surveillance, video forwarding, audio and video linkage, personal positioning and scheduling and other multimedia features.


Operating system: CentOS6.5 or higher

Processor: CPU higher than 2.0GHz

Processor: CPU higher than 2.0GHz

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