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VogCare 10 series are top quality telecare phone with a wide range of applications. With inbuilt DSP, unit supply loud and excellent duplex speech quality in both handset and handsfree speakerphone.



  • DSP voice engineer

  • Neckloop port

  • Emergency

  • Back-up battery

  • Boost key

  • Headset port

  • HAC

  • Wire sensor port

  • Duplex speakerphone

  • Volume control

  • Bedshaker port

  • RF pedant

  • OSA

  • Speed dial

  • Alarm clock


D312I / D312 are Big button phone, special design and user-friendly for senior people.


IP version

  • SPEC


    SIP RFC3261



    G.711 (a/u-law), G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726, iLBC, and G.722 (wideband)


    Boot Monitor

    Upgrade firmware through POST mode

    Keyboard Configuration

    HTTP Web-Based Configuration

    FTP,TFTP upgrade firmware

    WEB upgrade firmware (HTTP)

    FTP, TFTP, HTTP upload/download configure file


C600, designed on latest mobile platform,provides real-time voice communication purposebuilt for the highly mobile healthcare environment where seconds can save lives.
Typical applications: hospital comm. for patient, nurse and doctors (work with Vogtec trunk cloud IP PBX)



  • Optional WCDMA / LTE module extends clinician comm. coverage out of hospital, and home too

  • WIFI SIP communication sup-porting AP roaming, min 50k dual bandwidth

  • In-built BT make C600 to work with most BT sensor or device to transfer data to mange center

  • Wireless charging

  • In case activated, Inbuilt G sensor detect slip of patient and alert to nurse automatically

  • high grade IP64

  • ACOUSTIC Performance reached to the best, as multi-microphone design, high-quality speaker, and integrated acoustic noise reduction (ANR) improve audio clarity and decreases interference from background conversations and other sounds to improve speech recognition in noisy environments

  • It is a wearable lightweight, voice-contr-olled device utilizing intuitive commands to enable hands-free, instant two-way or one-to-many conversations


DA1432 DECT Pendant is a simplified handset without display and keyboard with central PanicButton to initiate (alarm) calls, Mode Button used for Nurse Services (serviced alarm) and selector for Outgoing Telephone Calls, hands-free loudspeaker and a highly sensitive microphone. 
DA1432 can be used as DECT handset for incoming calls and outgoing calls. In case urgent help is needed the user can press the central panic button anywhere in the home and either a DECT alarm message is sent out immediately via the subscribed DECT base station to a Home Care Center or a normal DECT voice call is established to relatives, friends, and neighbours depending on the emergency phone numbers configured via the HTML configuration Software.
The DA1432 DECT Pendant is compatible with the DECT GAP Standard (EN300444) and can herefore be used with any GAP-compliant single cell or multi cell base station.


Configuration Software

The Configuration Software is an easy-to-use Windows PC application to

Subscribe DA1432 to DECT Base Stations

Define Telephone Numbers for Outgoing Calls

Define Emergency Numbers for Alarms

Download Voice Announcements

Active/de-active automatic call answering

 select polyphonic ringing tones

Check DA1432 status

Execute Software Upgrade

Execute Factory Reset (initial settings)

Local and remote Configuration (DMTF protocol)


Audio Full duplex
Ringing polyphonic ringing selectable melodies
Hands-free high-quality speaker
Voice Messages automatic notification for out-of-range, battery status
DECT EU EN 300 444
Antenna DECT 6.0
ETSI GAP EN 175 444
Antenna QWL wire 50 Ohm
RX sensitivity < -91 dBm
TX NTP > 22 dBm
Size 70*38*14 mm
Battery 420mAh Li-Ion polymere
Loudspeaker hands-free polyphonic ringing
Microphone high sensitivity
Buttons/Keys central panic button & mode key
Protection class IP65
LED LED ring & Status LED
Vibrator vibration alert
Weight 50g
Necklace adapter <4kg break point
Belt clip adapter <4kg break point
Adapter security photo sensor
Magnetic charger Qi Standard
Antiseptic coating (cabinet) optional
Motion sensor hands-free polyphonic ringing
Micro USB SW upgrade, charging configuration & setup


NBTracker Bases on NB-IoT, it’s used for positioning and tracking about pets, elderly, children and assets. Providing real-time location view, historical track, geographical fence, alarm and other functions. It is compatible with a variety of terminals, such as, PC, mobile APP, PAD APP, etc.



  • It’s small and light, easy to carry like a wearable device.

  • The device supports SMS, APP, and website positioning, wherever and whenever you are, you can make location information query.

  • Using GPS/AGPS, LBS, WIFI and Gsensor, multi-positioning strengthen the accuracy.

  • IP56 waterproof, double water-proof design adapting to a variety of occasions.

  • Supporting geographical fence. Creating a fence on the APP’s map, goals in and out of this fence will be prompted by SMS.

  • Three Power modes are optional (Safe mode, Power saving mode,Standby mode). Using the low power NB-IoT chip, meet the needs of different applications.

  • One account can view and monitor multiple devices, it’s convenient and great for your life.

  • Through the historical tracking, you can easily find your goals even through it’s out of your fence.


Overall size 55x35x15 mm
Communication funtion LoRa/NB-IOT (Support CMCC, CUCC,CTCC)
BT BT V4.0 Low Energy
WIFI Dual-band (2.4GHz / 5GHz), 802.11 a / b / g / n
SIM card Nano-SIM / Push NANO SIM
Sensor G-Sensor
Charging method USB charging, wireless charging
USB port Charging / Data / Micro USB
GPS 5-15m
Button SOS button or other functions
Buzzer Support
Battery 400mAh above
Standby time 30 days or more
Cloud storage time 60 days

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