Since 2005, VOGTEC engages in SIP Communications, UC, IMS, IP Telephone, IP PBX Phone, VoIP Phone, AP Router, SIP PA, IP Camera and other IP/ VoIP terminals. 
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We are proud that Vogtec-E-Legend got the spotlight at CES 2019

At the just-concluded 2019 CES show in the Las Vegas, United States, Vogtec E-Legend unveiled the world's first ever Amazon Alexa based intelligent bike Cybic E-Legend. The creative empowerment of bicycles with soul and wisdom will greatly improve the riding experience and will set off a cycle revolution......

AIOT technology leads the innovation of the bicycle industry

Many cyclists will choose to install a digital odometer to view data on ride speed, mileage, time, calories, temperature, etc. to enhance the ride experience and make it more fun......

VOGTEC ABC (Alexa Bike Computer) selected to AMAZON MARS 2019

VOGTEC is committed to the research and development of AIOT technology, design, and production. Our mission is to make technology better improve people's lives. We will work with our partners to drive the AIOT industry......

VOGTEC Announces Introduction of Cordless Mobex IP Phone, Lending Mobility to the Workplace
14 / Nov / 2018

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- VOGTEC, a technology company, has announced the addition of the Mobex IP phone......

2017 VOGTEC participates in China mobile’s worldwide partner conference
Thu / Nov / 2017

On November 23, 2017, China mobile's worldwide partner conference in guangzhou pazhou poly world trade expo pavilion ......

Sun / Jan / 2017

For celebrate 2017 New Year, Vogtec hold a dinner party last Friday ......

Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Autumn Edition)
Wed / Dec / 2016

On Oct.13-16, 2016, Vogtec attended 2016 Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Autumn Edition) ......

Outward Bound
Fri / Dec / 2016

On Nov. 26, 2016, Vogtec launched a one-day outward bound in beatuiful DaPeng peninsula ......

Announcement: Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Autumn Edition)
Thu / Oct / 2016

Vogtec will be attending 2016 Hong Kong Electronic Fair (Autumn Edition)  ......

Product Line Reorganization
Wed / Mar / 2016

Vogtec reorganized product line in accordance with new market situation ......

The 2015 event
Wed / Dec / 2015

Vogtec merged with cloud trunk communication team, and won ODM project from Letv ......

The 2014 event
Thu / Oct / 2014

WCDMA FWP/FWT product went into market. GSM FWP/FWT were through GCF certification and supplied to Orange ......

The 2013 event
Sat / Nov / 2013

Vogtec won tender from Telefonica supplying 850k+ CPE ......

The 2012 event
Thu / Mar / 2012

Vogtec participated in MWCexhibition in Barcelona ......

The 2010 event
Tue / Jun / 2010

Vogtec participated in CommunicAsia exhibition in Singapore ......

The 2009 event
Tue / Oct / 2009

Vogtec participated in HKTDC Electronic Fair Autumn, launched desktop SIP phone D37X and D38X ......

The 2007 event
Sat / Dec / 2007

Vogtec introduced first VoIP corded phone to OKI, introduced GSM FWP products to Optimus, Portugal, and won CLI phone te ......

The 2006 event
Wed / Jul / 2006

Vogtec introduced first GSM FWT model, S190G, to Indian Telco, Idea ......

The 2005 event
Mon / Dec / 2005

Vogtec Technology Co., Ltd. was founded. The aim was to provide corded and cordless telephone for global market ......


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Since 2005, VOGTEC engages in SIP Communications, UC, IMS, IP Telephone, IP PBX Phone, VoIP Phone, AP Router, SIP PA, IP Camera and other IP/ VoIP terminals.